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Distributors of premium ethanol. Worldwide.

Ethimex specialises in the worldwide sourcing and distribution of bulk premium ethanol and spirits.

A Market Leader

Ethimex is a privately owned company established in 1999, based in London, with offices in Sri Lanka and Taiwan.

Ethimex is a recognised market leader in the supply of bulk ethanol and premium spirits in: drums, IBCs, ISO-containers, road-tankers and bulk vessels. We are REACH and Soil Association Certified.

We source from and supply to all six continents, with particular focus on UK, Europe, USA, Latin America, Pakistan and India.

Industries We Supply

Food and Beverage

ENA conventional sugarcane, Organic Ethanol, Wheat Ethanol, Potato Ethanol, GMO Free More

Pharmaceutical, Perfumery and Cosmetics (PPC)

ENA 96%, ENA 99%, GMP Certified, COSMOS Certified Alcohol More

Food Flavouring & Fragrance

ENA 96-99%, GMP, HACCP certified, PH-USP Grade Ethanol, More

Our Premium Products

This range has been put together specifically for Craft Distillers.

Premium Ethanol Range

Wheat, Potato, Rye, Corn, Citrus, Certified Organic Ethanol, Kosher Passover. More

Premium Spirits Range

Scotch Whisky, Canadian Whisky, Kentucky Bourbon, French Brandy, Wine Distillate, Caribbean Rum, Tequila. More

Suppliers of
No GmoGMPKLBDCosmos NaturalUSDAnon gmo project
Members of
BWAIBDOrganic Soil AssociationBDIH

Contact us on +44 208 968 2104

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