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Ethimex specialises in the sourcing and distribution of bulk ethanol, spirits, botanicals, new and used casks.

Buy bulk ethanol and spirits from trusted experts. Ethimex has over 20 years of experience in the global ethanol and alcohol trade. We are trusted across the world to consistently deliver quality-led and tailored products to our clients across the beverage, food, pharmacy, perfumery and cosmetics industries.
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Is Rum The Next Big Thing in Drinks?

We’ve been experiencing a gin-naissance but should we start getting ready for a “rum-olution”?

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The Complete Guide to Neutral Spirits for Beverages

In this guide, we cover the basics of neutral spirits for beverage use. How it's made, the different types available, and what you need to know before buying bulk neutral spirits.

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How Distilleries Can Reduce Their Environmental Footprint

Not sure what to do with leftover foreshots and feints (heads and tails) after distillation? Learn how to transform a waste stream into a revenue stream.

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